Jerry Cardwell


With experience as an entrepreneur, Jerry Cardwell has held part ownership of tech-based companies serving businesses in fields ranging from real estate to healthcare to oil and gas. He has also served as a broker for the mergers and acquisitions process. After obtaining his Juris Doctor degree from Drake University Law School, he launched his career as an attorney. In 1990, Jerry Cardwell founded Cardwell & Associates in Cherry Creek, Colorado, overseeing four attorneys and a seven-member support team.

While leading the firm, Mr. Cardwell has worked extensively in state and federal courts, representing clients in real estate, business, patent and trademark, and other transactional and litigation matters. He has also recently become involved in the growth of homeowners association (HOA) law in Colorado. His current professional memberships include the American Bar Association.

In his personal life, Mr. Cardwell seeks to balance his work life with family, service to the community and his friends, and maintains a focus on spiritual growth. He enjoys flying single- and multi-engine private aircraft, riding motorcycles, and racing and showing sports cars. He also likes skiing, snowboarding, and camping. An avid traveler, he has traveled through the Americas, soaking in the rich heritage of diverse cultures.